Asia Investors Landscape Workshop

This workshop will provide an overview of the investment landscape in Asia and elucidate various categories of investor groups. Senior research staff at Life Science Nation will share tips on researching and building relationship with these investors.


Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, Life Science Nation

Michael Quigley is the VP of Market Research for LSN in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been with the company for 4 years, researching life science investors from around the globe. In addition to managing a team of research analysts in the US and abroad, Michael uses his global reach and understanding of the early stage investor arena to make LSN’s Redefining Early Stage Investment Conference series one of the most compelling life science conferences today. He is a key contributor in designing content and selecting dynamic relevant topics and recruiting world renown investors. Michael and his team also assist in preparing global investor target lists for LSN and Boston Innovation Capital clients. Michael also participates in the planning and execution of global investor road shows. Michael and his team also create content for LSN’s Next Phase weekly Newsletter, he and his team write about their latest observations from the life science private investment ecosystem. Michael earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance at Bentley University.


Shaoyu Chang, Director of Research & Asia Business Development Liaison, Life Science Nation

Shaoyu is Director of Research & Asia Business Development Liaison at Life Science Nation. Shaoyu has spent the last two years specializing in investor outreach and market research, with a focus on Asia-North America cross border transactions. Shaoyu has built effective relationships for LSN and its clients in Asia, specifically China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Shaoyu does technical review and strategic planning in support of biomedical entrepreneurs’ fundraising campaigns. Prior to LSN, Shaoyu served as Research Scholar at Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University, focusing his research on global R& D of medical innovations against antimicrobial resistant microorganisms. Shaoyu received a Master of Public Health from Harvard Chan School of Public Health and an M.D. from National Taiwan University. Shaoyu is US Regulatory Affairs Certified with robust knowledge in clinical trials and pharmaceutical development.

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