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LSN invites all global early-stage companies across Biotech, Medtech, Diagnostics & Digital Health to apply for the RESI Innovation Challenge. Selected companies will showcase their technology in the exhibit hall and gain more visibility from the early-stage investors in attendance.

If you are a scientist-entrepreneur or fundraising CEO starting to accumulate compelling proof-of-concept animal data or early stage clinical data, the RESI Innovation Challenge is for you. The 30 most innovative applicants will be hand selected by Life Science Nation’s internal scientific review board to be part of the RESI Innovation Challenge, presenting their technologies in an exhibition-style format throughout the full-day conference. Presenters will gain additional exposure to investors and potential partners by showcasing their companies and products in a poster format. Unlike traditional 5- to 15-minute pitch presentations that do not allow any real interaction and provide no actionable feedback from investors, the RESI Innovation Challenge enables executives to pitch directly to attendees, generating more in-depth conversations with more investors, more frequently throughout the event.

Apply for RESI Europe Innovation Challenge

Application Deadline: February 20th, 2019

To add some friendly competition to the mix, the RESI Innovation Challenge invites all attendees to participate in a virtual investment contest. At the start of the day, each attendee will receive “RESI Cash” to allocate to the entrepreneurs whose technologies they expect will be most influential. The capital invested will be tallied up and the top three winners will receive prizes and be featured in our RESI newsletter recap that will go out to LSN’s 23,000 newsletter readership. Whether you are an investor, an entrepreneur, or a service provider, make sure you check out the exhibit hall to meet with some of the top innovators in the field and invest your “RESI Cash.” We will see you there!

RESI JPM 2019 Innovation Challenge Winners

First Prize:

Novotalk provides an end-to-end digital therapy for people with speech disorders. It’s an online, on-demand (asynchronous), self-directed speech tele-therapy solution, which allows those with speech impairments to learn, practice, gain, and maintain comprehensible speech remotely, independently, and discretely. The user goes through therapy with a virtual clinician, together with algorithms that detect pre-defined speech patterns and provide feedback in real-time. The “real” clinician is a data-empowered supervisor to the process. We make therapy accessible, by removing the 2 main barriers to therapy; clinician availability and affordability. Novotalk’s first solution addresses stuttering, a condition which affects 370m people globally.

Second Prize:

Established in June 2018, Heroic-Faith Medical Science Corp., LTD. is focused on the development of medical devices for the critical care medicine. The total annual spending on ICU care in North America in 2018 reaches $108 billion USD, being second only to cancer care which totals $158 billion USD, making it a key market that is marked by costly spending, as well as one that is open to new ideas. We hope to combine Taiwan’s advanced medical expertise with its cutting-edge electronics capabilities to develop break-through products, so that we can realize the ideal of our CEO, “Saving lives through innovation”, in the global market.

Third Prize:

MedTrace is a development-stage company innovating PET diagnostic imaging with an end-to-end solution for a best-in-class blood flow tracer geared for better outcomes, attractive economics and high-patient throughput.

• PET scans are the most sensitive and precise diagnostic tools available in medical imaging.

• There is a significant unmet need in cardiology for improved diagnostic images to guide invasive and non-invasive treatment.

• One of the fundamental challenges in PET cardiology diagnostics is the global scarcity of tracers.

• MedTrace has developed a solution that enables the practical incorporation of the gold-standard radiotracer, 15O-water, for PET cardiology imaging.

• MedTrace’s beachhead will be in the inefficiently-served Myocardial Ischemia market.

RESI JPM 2019 Pitch Challenge Companies