This panel discusses current trends in personalized medicine. Topics may include:

  • How investors assess personalized medicine technologies and applications in diagnostics, drug discovery and treatment plans
  • Which indications investors believe are showing the most promise – genetic disorders, orphan diseases, oncology, etc.
  • Investing in individualized treatments (such as CAR-T) and the scalability challenges of autologous vs allogeneic/xenogeneic off-the-shelf treatments
  • The regulatory challenges some of these technologies face, whether to ensure individual privacy from genomics databanks or to prevent potential harmful side effects from therapeutics such as CRISPR technologies

Personalized medicine has proven to produce more effective treatments in multiple indications by tailoring medical treatment to the individual and their disease. Additionally, early detection of disease has improved outcomes for many patients. Panelists will discuss where the field is heading and what unique challenges companies in this area will face.


• Zishan Haroon, Chairman & General Partner, Julz Co LLC
Dr. Haroon brings over two decades of experience in venture, private equity, corporate/business development and academia (with direct transactional and operational exposure of 15+ years in China) to lead Julz, a US based fund focused in healthcare opportunities worldwide. Julz has offices in NC and Suzhou China to exploit the tremendous opportunity offered in healthcare in both US and China. The investment spans all facets from innovative drugs, devices to services such as hospitals and diagnostic labs.


• Harvey Gross, Partner, Apollo Ventures
Harvey is working on the meaningful and future focused topic of health and biomedicine to make a difference. He is one of the founders of Apollo Ventures. At Apollo, Harvey combines his entrepreneurial drive and enthusiasm for finance to assess business opportunities and assist portfolio companies with strategy and business development. Before Apollo, Harvey worked at the investment bank Lazard, where he conducted M&A activities on both buy and sell side mandates. He was also one of the first employees at the FinTech startup N26, where he was responsible for talent acquisition and setting up the customer support function. He started his first company while still being in college and has founded an NGO right after graduation. Harvey holds a degree in International Business with a major in Finance from Maastricht University.

• Nikki Gainey, VP Commercialization & Business Development, Siemens Healthineers
Nikki joined Siemens from GE Healthcare, where she most recently was the Simplification and FastWorks leader within Global Ultrasound. Prior to this, Nikki served as Vice President Marketing for Acutus Medical. Before joining ACM, Nikki was the interim Ultrasound Chief Marketing Officer at GE. Nikki was also the Director of Competitive Intelligence for GE Healthcare and the Director of Global Business Analytics for the Healthcare IT business prior to her ultrasound roles. Nikki also held roles in marketing and consulting in the pharma industry at GSK and Deloitte before joining GE. Nikki holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology, Environmental Sciences, and Public Relations from Ohio Northern University and an MBA with an emphasis in New Product Development and Marketing from North Carolina State University.

• Ted Driscoll, Managing Director, DigitalDx Ventures
Dr. Ted Driscoll is starting a new venture fund named DigitalDx Ventures, focused on personalized, big-data diagnostics. Dr. Driscoll was previously a Partner at Claremont Creek Ventures leading its efforts in Digital Healthcare and Diagnostics. He led the investments in Natera, AssureX Health and GeneWeave Biosciences. Prior to entering VC, he was an early leader or founder of five startups: International Imaging Systems, Identix (went public in 1984), Diasonics (acquired by Takai Hospital Supply), and Be Here Technologies (incorporated in Google Streetview). During his startup experience he was the inventor of over 50 patents. He graduated from Stanford with a Ph.D. in Digital Imaging, and previously received a Masters in Computer Graphics from Harvard, and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

• Yizhen Dong, Principal, 11.2 Capital
Yizhen is passionate about working with persevering entrepreneurs who want to change the world, especially in healthcare. Yizhen brings advisory and operations experience from biotechnology and healthcare technology. At 11.2 Capital, Yizhen focuses on the early stage investments in data-driven healthcare, which encompasses computational health, digital therapeutics, and synthetic biology. 11.2 Capital has backed cutting-edge startups including Ginkgo Bioworks, Deep Genomics, Synthace, Bay Labs, and Hinge Health. Prior to 11.2 Capital, Yizhen helped launch Avastin in ovarian cancer and developed marketing strategies across the product portfolio at Roche/Genentech. Yizhen was formerly a management consultant at ZS Associates after being a trained sushi chef for 7 years. Yizhen graduated magna cum laude in Economics from Vanderbilt University and received his MBA from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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