Event Recap: RESI SF 2017

Networking on Steroids: Early stage entrepreneurs speed date with investors at RESI in San Francisco

By Marie Daghlian

You have 30 minutes per meeting, enough time to make your pitch, find out if there is a potential connection, and move on to the next meeting. It’s networking on steroids and it works for many of those who participate in RESI, or Redefining Early Stage Investments…

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RESI San Francisco 2017 Innovation Challenge – Winners Announced

January 10, 2017

The third RESI San Francisco Conference event, held on January 10th, saw 30 Innovation Challenge finalists competing for the votes of the largest RESI crowd to date.  With 1,000 attendees present, more votes were cast than in any Innovation Challenge to date. Biotech, medical device, diagnostic and digital health companies all competed in the exhibition-style challenge for the top prize.  Selected from over 100 applicants, the 30 finalists included many phenomenal startups.  Here, LSN would like to present the 3 winners.

First Place: Pathcore (Toronto, Canada)…

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RESI X Innovation Challenge – Winners Announced

September 13, 2016

On September 13, a record number of 700 entrepreneurs and investors entered the exhibition hall at Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA. They were greeted by 30 Innovation Challenge finalists—companies from the biopharma, biotech, medical device, diagnostics, and digital health sectors. The teams were screened and selected from over a hundred applicants; all were very strong competitors, but only one winner could emerge from the all-day exhibition-style contest!

First Place: BioMedomics, Inc. (Durham, NC, USA)…

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MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge – Winners Announced

June 30, 2016

Last week at RESI on MaRS, the MaRS HealthKick Innovation Challenge showcased 30 companies from the digital health, biotech, medical device and diagnostics sectors.  These companies were screened and selected from over a hundred applicants; all were very strong competitors, but only one winner could emerge from the all-day exhibition-style contest.  Here are the top 4 entrants, with a tie for third place!
First Place: Perimeter Medical Imaging (Toronto, Canada)…
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MaRS Collaborates with Life Science Nation and Johnson & Johnson Innovation to Host RESI in Toronto

April 14, 2016

TORONTO, April 12, 2016 — MaRS Discovery District (MaRS) is collaborating with Life Science Nation (LSN) and Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS (JLABS) to bring the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference to Toronto on June 23, 2016.
The RESI Conference series brings together fundraising CEOs and early-stage investors from around the globe, providing the opportunity for dialogue and relationship building…
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RESI@TMCx Innovation Challenge Winners Announced

April 14, 2016

This week at RESI@TMCx, thirty companies from the biotech, medical device, diagnostic and healthcare IT sectors competed in the RESI Innovation Challenge. From among the applications we received, these companies were selected by LSN’s scientific review board to present their technologies in an exhibition-style format while RESI attendees cast their votes on the best innovations on display. Here are the top 3 winners!
First Prize Winner…
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There’s More To January Than Just the JPM Conference

December 8, 2015

One of the biggest biopharmaceutical industry events, the 34th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, is right around the corner, January 11-14. And while the event is famous for overrunning San Francisco with neckties, as well as blowing up Twitter with its hashtag #JPM2016, there are a number of other worthwhile events also taking place, such as Life Science Nation’s Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference.

To RESI Or Not To RESI, Not Really A Question…

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RESI Innovation Challenge Winners Announced

September 17, 2015

Yesterday, the sixth Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference was held at the Westin Copley Place, Boston. Featuring approximately 200 investors, 250 biotech, medtech and healthcare IT entrepreneurs, and 130 service providers, this event is the biggest RESI ever.

In the exhibit hall, 30 of the most innovative early stage life science companies at the event were chosen to participate in a virtual investment contest – The RESI Innovation Challenge, showcasing cutting-edge life science technologies in poster displays and competing to raise the most RESI Cash. Without further ado here are the top 3 contestants!

First Prize Winner: Rna Diagnostics…

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Update from LSN

July 8, 2015

Life Science Nation (LSN) will be hosting the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS (JLABS) on September 16th in Boston. JLABS will be hosting a cocktail reception to wrap up the event.

“The JLABS event will provide a great venue for scientist-entrepreneurs and investors to get some additional networking time,” said Dennis Ford, CEO, LSN.

Senior representatives from JLABS also will be participating in RESI’s panels and workshops as well as the RESI investor partnering forum.

“JLABS has a close relationship with Boston and the Cambridge life science communities and is dedicated to the early stage life science arena, so collaborating with Life Science Nation for this event makes a lot of sense,” said Chelsea Hewitt, Director of Marketing for JLABS.

The RESI conference series is all about providing fundraising CEOs with a venue to meet early stage investors that are a fit for their sector and stage, providing a great ROI for cost conscious CEO’s.

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Back to Boston and Bigger than Ever: RESI Conference on September 16th

July 2, 2015

The first Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference took place on September 16, 2013, and two years later, following highly successful events in San Francisco and Houston, we return to Boston for the sixth RESI Conference. With new and returning sponsors including Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS, Charles River LaboratoriesMcDermott Will & Emory, and Wuxi AppTec, we expect this event to be the largest RESI so far, with more content and more meetings than ever.

The RESI Conference Series was founded with the goal of creating meetings based on a common fit. Our experience shows that starting with fit, and then finding a targeted alignment between entrepreneurs and investors, leads to compelling conversations; RESI’s mission is to provide a venue for those conversations to begin and develop. By connecting early stage life science fundraising executives with the right investors, RESI is where qualified fundraising relationships arise…

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Early-stage investors and life science entrepreneurs connect at the Redefining Early Stage Investments conference

By Alex Orlando | Texas Medical Center | July 1, 2015

On June 8, the TMCx was abuzz with the collective excitement of over 450 visitors. The Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference transformed the accelerator space into a venue for early-stage investors and life science entrepreneurs to open dialogue, build relationships, and close investment rounds. In the exhibit hall, poster presentations offered a glimpse of the emerging life science companies in attendance. Nearby, a partnering forum between investors and entrepreneurs compressed 700 meetings into the course of a single day. Panels and workshops took place in conference rooms across the space and provided platforms for investors to communicate directly to their eager audience of fundraising entrepreneurs.

“It can be overwhelming, and we absolutely love that aspect,” said Dennis Ford, founder and chief executive officer of Life Science Nation. “We want to give everyone who comes here more opportunities than they can make a decision about, because if we’re doing that, we’re doing our job. We really want to inundate everyone, for one day, and submerge them in this early-stage investor world to let them get a lot of bang for their buck instead of stretching it out over a period of several days. We want to give them as much value as possible.”

“The day had a frenetic pace to it, but it ran with a great cadence,” said William F. McKeon, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Texas Medical Center. “It was so efficient. People knew exactly where they were going with the panel discussions, but the lion’s share of the engagement was the matchmaking between investors and entrepreneurs—it was all about prescreened compelling connections for startups and investors, and that pace ran at a vigorous level throughout the whole day. People were exhausted by the end of it.”…

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