RESI Partnering Platform

The RESI Partnering Platform helps you find nontraditional partners from the newest sources of capital, including family offices, foundations, academic institutions, and philanthropic organizations, as well as some of the hottest emerging biotech and medtech companies all over the world. Using this system, you can:

  • Review profiles of other RESI Conference participants.

  • Schedule one-on-one and/or group meetings.

  • Build your customized RESI Conference schedule, from panels to presentations to partnering meetings.

The system will stay online for a month after the event, making it easy to interact in real time as you stay on top of conference updates, the status posts of attendees, and arranging/responding to meeting requests while at the event.

As a registered attendee, you automatically become a part of the RESI Conference Community. Schedule a meeting with relevant companies and investors just a few clicks away.

RESI Partnering Platform will be Launch at August 6

RESI Partnering Platform Video Tutorial