Tales From The Road

More frequently than not LSN captures content through its RESI panels that hits the nail on the head. The recent “Tales from the Road” Panel does just that. It’s 50 minutes long but worth a viewing it if you are a scientist-entrepreneur or fundraising CEO. The most vital take-aways include how to source potential investors (particularly family offices), the process of “working” your pipeline of investors, and the costs associated with conducting a successful campaign.

The panel brought together successful biotech and medtech entrepreneurs to tell their stories of successfully raising capital. These are seasoned entrepreneurs who have been there done that and collectively have raised numerous private financing rounds and have exited multiple companies. They came to RESI Boston to share their wisdom to fellow fundraising executives and provide insight in order to help their peers succeed.


Michael Tippie, CEO, Lipidomics

Michael Tippie is the CEO of Lipidomics, Inc, focused on cosmetic solutions and pharmaceutical treatments for eczema.  Michael has previously been a life science venture capitalist (Norwest Venture Partners, Medical Innovation Partners, Milk Street Ventures, ONAMI), a senior executive in early stage life science companies (TomegaVax, CNS Response, Avior Therapeutics, LifeSpan BioSciences, StressGen Biotechnologies, Tacora) and a research chemist in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry (Syntex and Syva Research).  Michael has done strategic alliances with many pharma companies, as well as raising over $300 MM in equity capital, including two IPOs to date.  Michael holds an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT, an MS in Chemistry from the University of Washington (with additional graduate work in Immunology, Proteomics and Genomics) as well as a BA in Chemistry from Reed College.


Chicuong La, Founder & CEO, Focal Healthcare

Chicuong La is a seasoned executive in the field of medical devices with a strong expertise in medical imaging. Prior to founding Focal Healthcare in 2014, Chicuong was a key leader in three other early stage ventures, including serving as the VP of Business Development and the COO of Exact Imaging (formerly Imagistx), a prostate imaging company. He also served as the Managing Partner of Simulogic, a software company in applied medical research. In addition, Chicuong has extensive commercialization experience through work for two commercialization centers, including his role as Business Development Manager at the Robarts Research Institute, a world-renown medical imaging research center. In these positions he focused on identifying innovative ideas and creating strategic plans to transition these ideas from the lab into clinical use.  His hands on experience in development of medical imaging devices and working with researchers has given him a strong understanding of the technical, logistical, financial and legal needs of Focal Healthcare. Chicuong has a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics and a Juris Doctor from Dalhousie University.

Ilana Odess, CEO, Woven Orthopedic Technologies

Ms. Odess has spent her entire career within the healthcare & science industries and has held senior executive roles for multinational companies and start-ups such as Israel Chemicals, Johnson & Johnson, Advanced Stent Technologies, CID. As an operator, Ms. Odess is an expert in leading companies from concept to clinical application and has created multiple businesses acquired by multi-billion dollar medical device companies, negotiated over 30 worldwide partnerships, and commenced direct corporate operations in Israel for Johnson & Johnson. As an investor, Ms. Odess has led international medical technology investments and management buyouts for an international family office and led Johnson & Johnson’s acquisition of two businesses. Ms. Odess has been recognized for her ability to create successful innovative solutions and has received both a Frost & Sullivan award for innovation and the state of Connecticut’s “2014 Woman of the Year” award for Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership. Ms. Odess graduated with a BS in Biochemistry and an MBA from Bar-Ilan University.

Jim Iversen, CEO&COO, Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical

Jim Iversen is a growth-focused Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 30 years of success spanning energy, transportation, distribution, enterprise, software, warehouse management, life science, consumer products, and engineering. Leveraging extensive experience in strategic, resourceful leadership, Jim is a valuable asset for small to mid-sized companies requiring expert assistance with business growth and development, evaluating and positioning selling, turnaround management, and strategic planning. His broad areas of expertise include business strategy, leadership training and development, company culture, and business growth. Throughout his executive career, Jim has held leadership positions with JMI Capital Group, Northern Reliability, M&I Strategic Partners, W&H Systems, Horizon Foods, and AL Systems. He is currently the CEO of JMI Capital Group, which provides companies with business strategy and M&A advisory services. In this role, Jim has been responsible for advising a leading Enterprise Resource Planning software company, resulting in a successful sale and a 25% IRR, and a leading supply chain company, resulting in a successful sale and 36% IRR. In a previous role as CEO of M&I Strategic Partners, which provides businesses with software solutions, Jim led the acquisition of AL Systems and Mincron Software Solutions, resulting in a significant increase in each company’s revenue and EBITDA growth.

Seth Harlem, CEO & Co-founder, Taithera

Seth Harlem is the Co-founder and CEO of Taithera, Inc. Seth is an entrepreneur and has brought several early stage companies & products to market. Seth also helped to establish the U.S. presence of a large ($3+BN market capitalization) Chinese financial technology company, and ran business development for a New York based financial technology company.  In addition Seth lived in China where he worked for General Motors in Shanghai and Liuzhou, China.  Seth has also advised healthcare companies on fundraising and technology product development.  Seth holds an MBA (with honors) from Columbia Business School.

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