Tales From The Road

More frequently than not LSN captures content through its RESI panels that hits the nail on the head. The recent “Tales from the Road” Panel does just that. It’s 50 minutes long but worth a viewing it if you are a scientist-entrepreneur or fundraising CEO. The most vital take-aways include how to source potential investors (particularly family offices), the process of “working” your pipeline of investors, and the costs associated with conducting a successful campaign.

The panel brought together successful biotech and medtech entrepreneurs to tell their stories of successfully raising capital. These are seasoned entrepreneurs who have been there done that and collectively have raised numerous private financing rounds and have exited multiple companies. They came to RESI Boston to share their wisdom to fellow fundraising executives and provide insight in order to help their peers succeed.


Mike Moradi, Co-Founder & CEO, Sensulin

Mr. Moradi is a successful entrepreneur, having founded or been a principal in several biopharma and nanotech startups. His current company Sensulin is developing a next-generation insulin for diabetes. Previously, Mike was a co-founder and CEO of an ocular pharmaceutical company and specialty Contract Research Organization (eyeCRO), which was #264 fastest growing private company in the 2009 Inc. 500. He co-founded Nanopolaris (now Unidym), which was acquired in 2011 by a publicly traded South Korean company for $145M USD, and NanoSource, which was acquired by DuPont in 2002, largely considered the first major acquisition in the nanotech space.


David Light, CEO, Valisure

David is a biotech entrepreneur and scientist with over 10 years of broad experience in the field. A graduate of Yale University, David studied molecular biology but has worked in a variety of scientific and business roles at start-ups like Synthetic Genomics, 454 Life Sciences and Ion Torrent. At Ion, David developed key technologies that directly led to its $725M acquisition and ran it’s flagship technology programs through development and global commercialization. David is named inventor on numerous patents, published in journals including Nature and cover of Electrophoresis, serves on multiple boards for community organizations and charities and is very passionate about entrepreneurship and improving public health.

Jared Tangney, Co-founder & CEO, Biolinq

Jared is a bioengineer by training, with a lifelong entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for commercializing new and innovative health and wellness technologies. He received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from UC San Diego where his work focused on implantable medical devices, and was also a Business Technology fellow at the Jacobs School of Engineering. He took his abilities for solving technically challenging biomedical problems to the business world when he founded Biolinq, where he serves as CEO. Jared is an expert at visualizing new product concepts and seeing them through to design and manufacturing. He leads an extremely talented team of scientists and engineers in the commercialization of products that provide actionable information that was previously only accessible through an invasive blood draw.

Joyce Lonergan, CEO & Co-founder, Mellitus

Joyce Lonergan has over 25 years of experience in industry, venture capital and Wall Street with emerging healthcare companies. Ms. Lonergan previously served as a Managing Partner at SR One. Prior to that, Ms. Lonergan co-founded and served as Managing Director of Caxton Healthcare Venture Management, LLC. She previously served as Vice President of Corporate Development and Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at Chiron Corporation. Earlier in her career, Ms. Lonergan was a Biotechnology Equity Research Analyst at Cowen and Company. She also had previous investment and business development roles at Vector Fund Management and Repligen Corporation. Ms. Lonergan began her career in research at Tufts Medical Center. Ms. Lonergan holds a B.S. in biology from Emmanuel College and an MBA from the Simmons College Graduate School of Management

Craig Shimasaki, Co-founder & CEO, Moleculera Labs

Shimasaki is co-founder and CEO of Moleculera labs, a precision medicine diagnostic laboratory focused on neuropsychiatric disorders triggered by autoimmune dysfunction. He is serial entrepreneur with over 33 years of biotechnology industry experience, starting his career at Genentech. He led five clinical diagnostic tests through FDA 510(k) approval. He is a co-inventor on several patents and has been involved in raising over $60 million for these companies and participated in taking one company public.

Dr. Shimasaki has authored and edited two books “The Business of Bioscience: What Goes Into Making a Biotechnology Product” and “Biotechnology Entrepreneurship: Starting, Managing and Leading Biotech Companies.” Dr. Shimasaki received his BS in Biochemistry from University of California at Davis, his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Tulsa, and his MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business. He an Adjunct Professor at the University of Oklahoma, Price School of Business and teaches biotechnology entrepreneurship.

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