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RESI Philadelphia 2019 Innovation Challenge & Pitch Challenge

LSN invites all global early-stage companies across Biotech, Medtech, Diagnostics & Digital Health to apply for the RESI Innovation Challenge. If you are a scientist-entrepreneur or fundraising CEO starting to accumulate compelling proof-of-concept animal data or early stage clinical data, the RESI Innovation Challenge is for you. The 30 most innovative applicants will be hand selected by Life Science Nation’s internal scientific review board to be part of the RESI Innovation Challenge, presenting their technologies in an exhibition-style format throughout the full-day conference. Presenters will gain additional exposure to investors and potential partners by showcasing their companies and products in a poster format. Unlike traditional 5- to 15-minute pitch presentations that do not allow any real interaction and provide no actionable feedback from investors, the RESI Innovation Challenge enables executives to pitch directly to attendees, generating more in-depth conversations with more investors, more frequently throughout the event.

The RESI Pitch Challenge is for the earliest stage companies associated with tech hubs-incubators, accelerators, tech transfer offices, universities, hospitals and research labs. The companies selected will have the opportunity to pitch to a panel of investors at RESI. 

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To add some friendly competition to the mix, the RESI Innovation Challenge invites all attendees to participate in a virtual investment contest. At the start of the day, each attendee will receive “RESI Cash” to allocate to the entrepreneurs whose technologies they expect will be most influential. The capital invested will be tallied up and the top three winners will receive prizes and be featured in our RESI newsletter recap that will go out to LSN’s 23,000 newsletter readership. Whether you are an investor, an entrepreneur, or a service provider, make sure you check out the exhibit hall to meet with some of the top innovators in the field and invest your “RESI Cash.” We will see you there!

RESI Europe March 2019 Innovation Challenge Winners


First Prize:

Rx Bandz provides a game-changing, cost-effective solution for millions of people globally who need to carry emergency injectable medication. Nearly 60% of them do not carry their prescribed auto-injectors with them. MiniJect,™ our miniaturized auto-injector, delivers a wide range of injectable drugs. Its small size and intuitive design make it easy to carry and simple to use. The first drug delivery platform for epinephrine will allow active patients to take it with them, thus increasing compliance and saving lives. Our world-class team has designed and tested a medical device that is also an attractive accessory. We have been deemed eligible for FDA- 505(B)2, the expedited pathway to market. We have the options of either licensing the device for multiple medications, or taking it to market. Accessory attachments to the MiniJect,™ offer yet another revenue stream.


Second Prize:

PhotoPill Medical develops a revolutionary state-of-the-art disposable swallow-able capsule for treating Crohn’s disease flare-ups and as a preventive treatment in-between flares, by implementing Photo-Bio-Modulation treatment (PBMt) and gut microbiota modulation light-protocols as it travels through the intestine. The PhotoPill capsule is personalized for each patient based on disease location and individual peristaltic rate. Photopill’s unique disruptive technology would be a first of its kind for intestinal tissue treatment and gut bacteria related disorders. This would be a safe, easy to use, cost effective solution for a huge market and a painful problem. PhotoPill has demonstrated excellent pre-clinical results, and preliminary data in IBD Proctitis patients, using Photopill’s dedicated rectal device. PhotoPill has strong IP portfolio and strong and experienced team.


Third Prize:

Pathfinder Medical is developing a novel electronic catheter guidance system that will enable clinicians to connect blood vessels in a minimally invasive way. This platform technology has a variety of clinical applications in peripheral vascular and dialysis procedures, together representing a €4.5 billion yearly market. Open surgery is the current standard for preparing patients for dialysis and bypassing blocked peripheral arteries. High failure rates (approximately 50%) in both cases present a serious danger to life and require repeat procedures, for US dialysis patients alone this adds up to $4.6 billion per year. The ePATH catheter platform aims to eliminate need for open surgery in several vascular procedures, improving outcomes and reducing the burden on patients and healthcare systems.