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In recent years, big pharma companies have begun looking outwards for innovative new therapeutics to add to their pipelines. This panel brings togerther speakers from various big pharma companies discussing topics such as:
• How big pharma sources assets
• The evaluation and investment process
• Key factors of interest
• How early-stage big pharma is willing to look
These panelists will shed light on the process that big pharma goes through when sourcing early-stage assets and advise startups on how they can best make a case for themselves. Panelists will also explore various trends within the therapeutics marketplace, what assets are of interest to their company, and what they think will be big in the future.


• Shiv Krishnan, Sr. Director, Head, Partnering, External Sciences & Innovation, Global BioTherapeutics, Sanofi
Shiv Krishnan leads Business Development and Licensing for Technology Platforms in Sanofi covering areas such as Biologics, Drug Discovery and Translational Sciences. Shiv obtained a BS in Zoology from American College, Madurai and went on to do a PhD in Protein Sciences at the University of Technology, Compiegne, France. After working in France for nearly 2 decades as a scientist in biotech, vaccines, gene therapy and drug discovery, Shiv has been involved in partnering, managing large alliances and leading search and evaluation efforts for Sanofi’s R&D for nearly 15 years. He is based in Bridgewater, NJ and manages an international team based in the US, France, UK and Germany.


• Joyce Chan, Director, Business Development, Amgen
Joyce Chan is a Director of Business Development at Amgen Inc and currently leads global in-licensing efforts for Amgen’s Neurosciences portfolio. Over the last five years, she also oversaw evaluation of external programs for Amgen’s Cardiovascular/Metabolism portfolio. Prior to joining BD, Joyce was a researcher within the Cardiometabolic therapeutics group, engaged in both large and molecule translational research for Amgen’s dyslipidemia and heart failure programs. Of her most notable contributions, Joyce was the lead author on the first proof-of-concept publication supporting an anti-PCSK9 pharmacological approach for LDL-C lowering. In addition, she is a co-inventor of Repatha (evolocumab), the first anti-PCSK9 antibody indicated to reduce the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke and coronary revascularization, and for further LDL-C reduction in heterozygous and homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia. Prior to her nearly 15 years at Amgen, Joyce held various research roles in the departments of Cardiovascular Research and Pharmacology at Berlex Biosciences (an affiliate of Schering AG) where she engaged in early drug discovery efforts for hypertension and heart failure.

• Murali Gopalakrishnan, Sr. Director, Head Search & Evaluation Neuroscience, AbbVie
Murali joined Abbott/AbbVie in 1993 and subsequently held various positions of increasing responsibility leading research teams across therapeutic areas in neuroscience, pain, urology and nephrology, and advancing multiple clinical candidates. He has extensively published in scientific journals and was inducted to the AbbVie’s Volwiler Research Society. From 2009-2013, Murali took on the role as Head of the then newly formed Global External Research group. He was also responsible for the leadership of AbbVie China R&D Center in Shanghai, since its inception in 2009 and subsequently led the Renal Discovery Therapeutic Area across sites, and via a network of academic partnerships. Since 2015, he has taken on a leadership position within AbbVie’s Search & Evaluation team, with global responsibilities for accessing and advancing opportunities in in the Neuroscience Therapeutic area.

• Somjeet Dey, Senior Manager, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals
Somjeet has been working with Otsuka’s Business Development department since 2013 and he presently leads the company’s business development operations in the US for drugs, devices and diagnostics. Somjeet believes in Otsuka’s “big venture” spirit and is committed to strategically building a product pipeline that would sharpen the company’s long-term competitive edge. Consequently, he engages regularly with academia, accelerators and VCs to explore growth opportunities for Otsuka. He played an active role in the buy-side due diligence and negotiations for Otsuka’s recent acquisitions of Neurovance, Inc. and Visterra, Inc. Before joining Otsuka, Somjeet developed and implemented technology solutions for financial institutions across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. He received his MBA degree from The Ohio State University.

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